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Meet Some of Our Atlanta Interior Designers Virtually!

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Do you know I’ve been in the design business my whole life? I grew up in a family of designers and many principles of design and building come quite naturally to me. While fashions change over the years, the constant basics of what makes good design work remains constant. The same is true for our communication. While our message has not changed much, the way we reach our customers has. Word of mouth has always been a big player in the success of our interior design business, but with the advent of social media and today’s generation’s ability to access everything with the touch of a button, we find ourselves eager to share through blogs, videos, newsletters, and social networks.

We realize how easy it looks to execute design, an idea largely perpetuated by design shows that take a room from blah to ahh! in just under one hour. The reality is that uncovering a homeowner’s lifestyle, tastes, and desires and executing that in a functional and aesthetically pleasing, timeless design is a process.

In order to help you get started with that process, we hope to utilize online forums to provide you with tips and tricks that you’ll find useful, introduce you to members of our design team so you can find the right match for your project, and invite your questions so you can make confident, informed decisions when it comes to stylistically or functionally changing your surroundings.

We’ve just completed a video shoot and I’m excited to share it with you. In our first videos, I’ll introduce you to Valerie Smith, who has an extensive background in construction and design, Akesha Patterson, whose passion for modern design is translated in all she does, and Juanita Hulsey, a senior designer and operations manager who has been an instrumental part of Locklear Interiors for over a decade.

I invite you to get to know these and our other outstanding designers at our YouTube Channel, peruse our website, and get in touch with us to ask questions. Please stay tuned for more upcoming video introductions. We’re confident we’ll pair you with the designer who can really bring your style to life!

Locklear Interiors YouTube Channel

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Visit Locklear Interiors YouTube Channel to discover awarding winning Atlanta interior design from Gail Locklear.

Symmetry Lends to Great Interior Design

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Symmetry: An imprecise sense of harmonious or aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance.

“Balance” and “Harmony” are buzzwords we often use to describe aspirations for our personal lives, but did you know they are also key words used in decorating and design?

Exceptional designs hinge on more than just beautiful colors, furnishings, and accessories. An experienced designer can help you create symmetry that works to aesthetically balance your room and cohesively tie your theme together for a visually pleasing effect.

Atlanta Interior DesignNotice how we arrange the furnishings in this room to create a symmetrical appearance, and we place various accessories to add visual interest. The room has balance, proportion and a comfortable sense of quiet formality that make it feel open and appealing.

Achieving balance and symmetry does not mean you have to buy two of everything. Note how the pieces of art on the bookcases differ in shape and color but are approximately the same size and lend to a cohesive look due to their equal placement. There is no need to match everything perfectly as long as you abide by the rules of scale, color, and proportion.

What effect does symmetry have on a room? It imparts a sense of cleanliness, equilibrium, and formality. Which rooms in your home would benefit from the basic principles of symmetrical design? We’d love to hear from you!

Locklear Interiors is an Atlanta interior design firm with several locations in the Southeastern United States and serves homeowners around the world.  Contact Gail Locklear at 770-992-0318.

Atlanta Interior Design $1 Consultation!

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011

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Colors of Winter Inspire Interior Decorating

Friday, February 11th, 2011

Dear Friends,

February is here along with Super Bowl Activities and Valentine’s Day! And… we are all wondering if we will get one more snow storm before spring arrives! The cold, snowy winter we have been experiencing so far made me think of the Colors of Winter.gail head shot

Winter typically means white snow, barren dark brown tree trunks and crisp blue ice. We truly had a chance to experience all of those things in the last month or so with our two major snow storms! Imagine if these characteristics were channeled into a chic, high-contrast look for your living room, dining room or bedroom? What a great look! Please study the picture below and you will see what I mean then read on to see how these exciting wintry neutrals can be used in various combinations to achieve different looks.

We are here for you…and we are only a phone call away! We want to be your interior designer in Atlanta. Oh, Remember your Sweetie on Valentines Day and good luck on Game Day…see you next month!


Color me Winter..Color me Neutral
Gray: a very versatile neutral
For a Brighter space: Combine grey with white

For Depth: Use several shades of gray.



For a pop: add white woodwork to a room with gray or blue walls For a crisp look: use white accessories.

Lighter Blues/greens:
A neutral color with interest. Notice the striking appearance of the fabric on the chairs when combined with grays and whites.

Browns: Add Contrast!

Chocolate browns will offset the cool blues, whites and grays of a wintry room! The rich brown tone of the table (and the stairs too) really contrasts beautifully against the grays and whites

Atlanta Home Design Shows Serve as Inspiration

Tuesday, February 1st, 2011

We’re heading into that final showdown with the Packers against the Steelers in Sunday’s Super Bowl XLV. Do you have an armchair quarterback in the family who’s going to be weighing in on every play? It’s interesting how we can watch, understand, and thoroughly enjoy something like football, yet not be able to play a lick of it ourselves.

We find that the same is true of the home and garden design shows on television. We have many clients call us in because they’ve felt motivated to do something to their homes after watching all of those exciting reveals, only to discover that it is not as easy as the design teams on television make it appear.

We’ve got to hand it to them; those television designers really do make recreating a space look effortless, don’t they? Unfortunately, becoming enamored with something on television and trying to carry it out in your own home are two completely different things.

That’s where enlisting the help of a professional designer can be a lifesaver.  Whether you have very specific ideas or just know you want to freshen up a space, interior designers are experts at asking the right questions and designing a scheme that reflects your personality and lifestyle. Perhaps most importantly, they have the resources and training in how to effectively execute your design ranging from wall colors and hard-to-find furnishings to  the functionality of your designs.

Feeling inspired? Give us a call to help bring your dreams to fruition and you’ll soon be able to create your own reveal to family and friends.

What design questions do you have for us?

Contact Us at (770) 992-0318.

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