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The Kitchen is the heart of the home

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Lets face it… we all live very busy lifestyles filled with schedules and deadlines. We hurry through our days just trying to get everything done on time. Its a miracle that we still manage to find time to spend with our families and loved ones. So where do we all seem to congregate for these precious moments? The heart of the home… the kitchen. Many special hours are spent in our kitchens cooking, baking, eating or just socializing with the people we love most. The modern American kitchen serves not just as a functional room in our homes but also as a gathering place for the family.

As seen in Atlanta Magazine!

Here at Atlanta Interior Design by Locklear Interiors, we believe that the recipe for a perfect kitchen includes great design, warm hospitality and timeless beauty. Kitchens are one of the most valuable investment rooms in your home, so isn’t it well worth it to create a beautiful kitchen that will last for years to come? Commonly, homeowners see as much as a 90% return on their kitchen renovations when selling their home! Let our talented and experienced design team lead you through a kitchen remodel that will bring your family joy and create a smart investment for the future!

Online Design from Locklear Interiors!

Tuesday, June 22nd, 2010

Introducing a new division of Atlanta Interior Design by Locklear Interiors! Locklear Interiors Online is bringing a whole new concept to the table… creating beautiful and affordable designs via the internet. This interior design service has been created to give everyone the chance to have access to stylish and affordable interiors. This is a great option for do-it-yourself enthusiasts and anyone not located in the Atlanta area that desires to work with one of the top interior design firms.

Living Room Scheme Board

The first step is choosing what room or rooms you wish to be redesigned:

Living Room


Dining Room


Family Room

Great Room

(presently all kitchen and bath designs are available through the full service design department only)

We will need the following information from you the client:

1) What is the room used for? Who uses it? How much is it used?

2) Are there particular colors that you wish to use in your space or spaces?

3) Are there any specific requirements that you desire?

4) Measurements of the room (instructions on how to measure will be provided upon receiving payment)

5) Eight photos of the room (instructions for taking photos will be provided upon receiving payment)

Master Bedroom Scheme Board

After receiving your photos, information and payment, we will send you the following:

1) A scheme board with paint colors, wallpaper, flooring, window treatments, fabric, furniture and lighting

2) A furniture plan of the room(s)

3) A design package with swatches and samples to help you with implementation

Starting at just $1250 per room

And remember, every space has the opportunity to create a whole new lifestyle!

Our website is currently under construction, so please call (770) 992-0318 or email

“The Custom Coverlet”

Thursday, June 3rd, 2010

Want to take”transformation” a little further?

Atlanta Interior Design by Locklear Interiors has another exciting idea to share with you… Have you seen our Custom Coverlets? They are cutting edge, unique and guaranteed to thrill you! These coverlets are hand crafted by our local artisan and feature a full gathered skirt. Other finishing options include buttons, florets or tucks for added interest and originality. Each custom coverlet is uniquely designed and patterned to fit your style. Add similarly designed shams and you might never leave the room !

Call for more details and let us design a custom coverlet for your Master Space !

This is “transformation” at its finest!

We are just a phone call away 770-992-0318

Selecting the Perfect Area Rug

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

The right rug: A well-chosen rug enhances your color scheme, in addition to absorbing sound in a hardwood room. You’re in luck if you pull up your green shag carpeting and uncover a hardwood treasure. But what do you do with those naked floors? If your floor is in good shape, you may want to leave it uncovered. If you do so, it’s important to put stick-on felt pads on the feet of your chairs and place small, washable throw rugs at high traffic areas (under the kitchen sink, the front door, etc.) to increase the life of your floor.

If your newly revealed floor is in bad shape, you don’t necessarily have to re-carpet or refinish the hardwood. There are several less expensive options:
- Install tile only in the high-traffic areas showing damage, leaving the remainder of the hardwood intact.
- Hire a hardwood repair specialist to spot-replace and re-stain warped, burnt or gauged areas.
- Lay area rugs over the damaged zones.

The Selection Process
There are several advantages to using large area rugs on your hardwood flooring:
- The room will feel warmer and look more “pulled together” when anchored by a rug.
- Rugs help absorb the increased noise and echoes generated in a room with hardwood flooring.
- A well-chosen floor covering enhances your color scheme and the decor of the room.
- Your floors will be protected from scratches and wear.

The first step in selecting the appropriate rug is to determine where you want to put it and the size you’ll need. Make sure you have your furniture in the best arrangement possible for the room. Lay newspapers down on the floor and begin covering the area needing the carpet. Start small and keep laying down paper until you find what looks like the best coverage. Establish minimum and maximum acceptable sizes and jot this down. (Most rugs come in standard sizes but there are variations, so it helps to know the range of sizes that could work in the room.)

The rug should enhance the room’s decor by echoing its color scheme and style and should be an integral part of the overall design, not the focal point. Stand in the room needing the rug and make note of its one, two or three predominant colors. Then determine the room’s style or period (French Country, Modern, Early American, etc). Knowing the room’s colors and the style will help you narrow your choices.

Decide on a solid versus a patterned rug,such as handmade area rugs,silk rugs,persian rugs,oriental rugs,wool rugs etc. Solid colored rugs calm the eye, but show spots and lint more easily. A patterned rug adds visual interest and hides soil well, but finding one to match your existing furnishings may be a challenge.

A Range of Sources
Once you know your budget, your colors and your style, you’re ready to hunt down the rug of your dreams. Many retail furniture stores also carry area rugs that you can take home and try out. Try to save money by purchasing your rug during a sale. Inexpensive Alternatives
- Recycle your old wall-to-wall carpeting. Lay out the carpeting on your driveway and determine what section of the rug could be re- used. Use masking tape to outline the area you want cut and trimmed. Take the carpet to a carpet company willing to do the lacing and – voila – a “new” area rug for the cost of the stitching!
- Try garage or estate sales. You can find new, antique or imported rugs at a flea markets, often at a good price.
- Furniture consignment shops sometimes carry high-quality used carpets at a fraction of the new cost.
- Purchase a remnant from a carpet outlet.

Silk Sheets – Do You Know What To Look For?

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

In recent years silk sheets and bedding sets have grown in popularity and are more commonplace on the shelves of retailers than ever before. This is mostly due to advances in bedding manufacturing techniques borrowed largely from the modern cotton and polyester trade.

With more and more retailers stocking silk bedding sets alongside the more traditional cotton and polyester sets, we have noticed some wildly varying pricing schemes. Some silk bedding sets can be more than the price of others, but yet they look almost identical. So how do we know we are getting a good deal or purchasing inferior silk that wonít last?

There are three main things to look for in a silk bedding set. They are:
1. 100% mulberry silk – Mulberry silk is made up of one continuous strand of silk and is the best possible silk for bedding. Many bedding sets are made up of Tussah or wild silk. This silk is not continuous, but rather made up of broken strands of silk. Only 100% mulberry silk can offer the continued durability and uniformity required in a silk bedding set.

2. Momme weight – Momme is the measurement used to weigh silk. The higher the momme number the more silk has physically gone into the item and therefore the more durable the silk will be. 12-19 momme weight is ideal for silk bedding. Momme weights of lower than 12 are mostly reserved for clothing and silk ties. The higher the momme number the more silk you literally get for your money.

3. 400+ thread count – Although not as important as the first two points, thread count is still important when choosing silk bed linen. A thread count lower than 400 will directly effect the durability of the bedding set. Generally the closer the weave the longer your bedding set will last.

It is worth pointing out that with silk you get what you pay for. Cheap silk bedding sets will almost always not be able to live up to one if not all three of the above requirements. Purchasing a cheap silk bedding set is a false economy, as the items will not last. Silk that has met these three basic requirements and is properly cared for will outlast cotton and polyester sheets, proving to be both a luxurious and cost effective investment.

To summarize: When looking for a silk bedding set always insist on 100% mulberry silk, a momme weight of 12-19 (19 being preferable) and a thread count of 400 or higher. Silk bedding sets that meet these requirements are true examples of the best silk bedding sets have to offer – pure luxury.

The Look of Your Kitchen Windows Defines The Personality of Your Home

Thursday, May 6th, 2010

What does your kitchen mean to you? When you think of your kitchen, do you think of hectic family meals trying to bring everyone together, or is there a sense of calm and tranquility? Do you wish that your kitchen had more or less light? Does it seem as though, even though you’ve made an effort to clean, organize and decorate your home, there’s something about your kitchen that’s just not quite right?

Counter space is at a premium in nearly every kitchen around the world. No matter how much space you already have, it seems as though there’s always a need for more counter space for trimming meat, slicing vegetables and chopping fresh herbs. While great lighting can’t affect the amount of space that you physically have in your kitchen, more natural light can affect the way that your kitchen looks to others – and the way that you feel about your kitchen.

In fact, lighting has such a strong effect that, the same room viewed with two different sets of kitchen curtains can look like two completely different rooms. If you’re looking to make a dramatic difference in your kitchen, sometimes it’s a matter of installing new kitchen windows.

If you cannot afford new kitchen windows, you’re likely to find that it’s possible to get the same effect simply by changing your kitchen curtains. By taking the time to find the right kitchen curtain brand – by finding curtains for your kitchen window that fit the size of the window and the look that you are trying to capture within your home, you can be sure that you are able to bring in the right amounts of light and still have the privacy that you both crave and need.

After all, choosing the right kitchen curtains is about more than just picking out a solid color swag – blues, greens, creams, yellows or other shades are available, and are likely to be able to fit in with your kitchen decor. Choosing the right curtains is about either creating or completing the look that you’ve chosen for your kitchen.

One popular option that many choose is to select a neutral swag to create privacy behind a kitchen window. Rather than just beige, eggshell or off-white kitchen curtains, many people forego a dense fabric and instead choose lace. This is because lace curtains still provide privacy, but also let in more light – a blessing for those with small, dark kitchens or even larger rooms that have small windows.

Even lightly colored kitchen curtains can help to warm up a room, provided you’ve chosen the right window dressings for your home. Of course, not everyone wants to stick with neutral curtains – some people want flowers, fruits and vegetables or some other country-inspired theme to ensure that all of those who visit their kitchen will be able to pick up on the home-y, warm feel that you have worked so hard to create.

For example, if the theme of your kitchen was country, you may choose kitchen curtains patterned with fresh, ripe-looking apples to complete the look and draw to mind thoughts of a country pantry and mom in the kitchen baking pies. If you’ve always loved traditional gardens, it is possible to use ivy, roses, sunflowers pr even hydrangeas as a medium for bringing the outdoors in

As a word of caution, however, many people it seems, look for ways in which they can mix and match from different styles when they make an effort to update the look of their kitchens. In general, this is a bad idea – even if the windows are far apart from one another – as each pattern serves to divide a guest’s attention (as well as your own) by creating tension within the room.

Why settle for mis-matched curtains in any room of your home? Why struggle to find the right look only to realize that creating it simply is not possible? When you have the right kitchen windows – and the right look in mind to complete them – you’ll find that it’s easy to choose and stick with a style.

Take your time and really consider what you’re looking for. After all, the look of your kitchen as well as the look of your home, can be greatly affected simply by making the wrong choice.