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Akesha Locklear Patterson on HGTV’s “Designer Wars”

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Akesha Locklear PattersonAkesha was introduced to Interior Design at the age of 10…assisting her “Aunt Gail” …the owner of Locklear Interiors.

Later, she had the opportunity to work on projects with senior designers. She helped organize and manage jobs while in college.

She obtained her degree in Interior Design from the American Intercontinental University.

The help, guidance and influence of Locklear Interiors has really shaped Akesha into a strong, confident Interior Designer. Her designs  always  promise a unique richness with a fresh contemporary flair !

Locklear Interiors on HGTV – Lights, Camera, Action!

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Locklear Interiors on HGTVWe have some really exicting news.

Akesha Locklear Patterson, Interior Designer with Locklear Interiors (and my niece) will be starring in a new and upcoming HGTV series called “Designer Wars”. This new show features a chosen homeowner who will present their “decorating dilemma” to 3 skilled Interior Designers, and one of them is Akesha!

Each of the 3 designers must present their unique solution for a designated room but only ONE DESIGNER WILL WIN! We hope it will be Akesha…she is a talented designer and is very qualified to win the challenge that has been presented to her !

We will keep you informed as to when the show will air!

Invite Style from Every Part of the World into your Atlanta Home’s Interior Design

Sunday, May 15th, 2011

Atlanta interior designPeople from all over the world now call Atlanta home, and while enamored with Southern interior design, many prefer to bring elements from their favorite memento, former city or childhood abode into their Atlanta home’s decor.

Are you living in the suburbs but miss the city life? Sleek, trendy furnishings, bright colors married with neutrals, geometric designs, and polished finishes can bring a touch of the city to your home. Inject a feeling of old New York for a classic touch, or incorporate penthouse apartment design into a suburban home to bring yourself closer to the city.

If you grew up in the country, perhaps you’d enjoy adding rustic features to your city home. One way to do that is to add detail through select finishes such as bead board, textured pieces, or pastoral accessories. Soft whites, browns, reds, pale green, yellows, and florals can bring a French country vibe to your city dwelling.

Perhaps you’d like to add a touch of little classic style to your home. Redress your fireplace with a turn of the century stone mantel, add an antique chandelier to the room, scatter rugs with rich accents and add timeless accessory pieces to your tables, walls, and shelves—the possibilities are endless.

Take the green grass, blue sky, and a peacock-inspired motif with polished, cylindrical and wavy accents in our feature photo. Can you see the repetition of design played out on the rug, pillows, and accent fixtures? Note the peacock sitting on the chest and how the “eye” of his feather is in the composition of the rug’s pattern.

This photo, taken at the High Point Designers’ Market this spring, is just one of many examples of how our Atlanta-based Interior Decorators can build upon a favorite element or exciting feature in your living space.  Do you have a particular piece that inspires you? How would you define your style?

Seaside living, European flair, country charm, eclectic, Cape Cod, antique? What draws you in?  Locklear Interiors’ interior decorators in Atlanta and throughout the Southeast have been creating stunning interior design for decades. Find your passion and we’ll translate it into your surrounding environment so you can live it and love it every day. If you’re not sure what your style is, our expert interior design staff is equipped with the right questions to bring out your personality and style in your home.

Atlanta’s Premier Interior Design Firm Reveals 2012 Decorating Trends

Sunday, May 1st, 2011

Atlanta interior designWe’re excited about the trends that are emerging for 2012. The colors are fresh, bright, warm, and happy-feeling. As we unveil a great color combination that will yield many years of satisfaction, comfort, and wear in your home décor, we’d like to share a lesson from the color wheel to demonstrate why the complimentary color scheme in our photo works so well together.

The color wheel is a helpful tool we designers use to illustrate a color palette for our clients’ rooms. Sir Isaac Newton arranged the principal colors of red, yellow, and blue into a circle in 1666, fanning it out to display the colors that are born from these Primary hues and illustrating their relationship with one another. Since then, artists, designers, and scientists have used the rainbow of colors to influence their work.

Derived from an equal mix of two Primary colors come orange, green, and purple. If you add more of one Primary color than the other, it forms Tertiary colors yellow-orange, red-orange, red-purple, blue-purple, blue-green and yellow-green.

In our feature photo, we use two colors that appear close to each other on the color wheel, orange and pink, and accent it with a shade of green that appears opposite it on the color wheel. Colors that appear opposite each other are called Complementary colors, and rightly so, as we believe they draw a lot of compliments when paired together as we’ve done here!

Most people don’t even notice the beige color at first glance. Beige is in the neutral family and serves well as a background color to this trio.

Where can you picture this color combination in your home?

Locklear Interiors, an Atlanta-based interior design and decorating firm, offers consultations and services worldwide. Call (770) 992-0318 to speak with a designer today!

Interior Design: A Worthwhile Investment in the Southern Home Market

Sunday, April 10th, 2011

Southern Home Market

We could talk about interior design in Atlanta and southern-style decorating all day long. But today I want to broach another topic with you. It’s not about interior design itself, but about the decision-making process when it comes to whether or not to update your Atlanta home.

First and foremost, your home is your sanctuary, the place where you create memories and both prep yourself to go out in the world and retire to at the end of the day to escape it. If you’re looking at your discretionary income this year and wondering if you should book a cruise, tour your favorite spots in Europe, or buy that new car you’ve been eying, I’d like to ask you to consider this:

If love it or leave it is the question, we hope you love it because you’re probably not going to be leaving it for a while given the current conditions depicted in this graph of North Atlanta’s housing market. This snapshot is a fairly accurate representation of the housing markets Locklear Interiors serves throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida. So while a car may be tempting (and will go down in value), or a vacation has you eyeing your suitcases (and will be over before you know it), why not consider transforming the environment you live in every day (which will still be there tomorrow for you and your family to enjoy)?

Bring your Vacation into your Home

Investing in interior design in Atlanta gives homeowners something they can use and enjoy everyday. Instead of dreaming of an island for a week, let us transform your space using elements of island living so you can experience that feeling 365 days a year. If European architecture draws your eye, why not bring it to life using your home as your backdrop and your life as design inspiration?

Yes, in today’s housing market, homeowners are hard-pressed to sell their homes unless it’s essential to an adjacent life decision like a new job or change in family size. So if you’re going to stay put, why not reinvigorate your surroundings with fresh design?

Interior Design can Pay you Back

An added benefit in choosing to redesign your home is that interior design is an investment that can pay you back in spades. You reap the rewards through comforts and aesthetics every day while simultaneously increasing your home’s value through upgrades and elegant touches, making it more attractive to buyers should you one day wish to sell.

What touches do you think the best of Atlanta’s interior designers could give your home? Are you inspired by something that you’d like to echo in your home’s interior décor?

Locklear Interiors would love to hear from you!

Contact Us or Call us at 770-992-0318.

Common Sense Interior Design

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

In my 20+ years of designing I have always been proud to say that Locklear Interiors provides Timeless Designs…designs that are everlasting. To be everlasting, it must be of the highest quality. Economists say that “now” is the time to buy only the best and the highest quality when making major purchases.
What does that mean for you and your interiors?

The best means …purchase what looks best in your home, purchase what is the most useful and purchase what best fits your lifestyle. The best means quality. Items of high quality last longer and that saves you money! Purchasing quality items you love makes you feel great and guess what? …your decorating dreams are now coming true!

Common Sense Interior DesignAllowing a designer to help you through that process will save costly mistakes when making design choices. A designer will make your life easier…a designer will do it all from the concept to the finished product… your job is to simply sit back and enjoy the experience and pleasure it will soon bring !
It’s Common Sense Design!

It’s Design Week in High Point, North Carolina!

Wednesday, March 16th, 2011

April 2 opens High Point Design Week and we are rarin’ to take our Atlanta interior designers across state lines and into furniture country! Twice a year we have the opportunity to experience the guest panel of speakers and wonderful showcases of new products and services that are available to our clientele. It’s truly the Super Bowl of commercial and residential interior designers.

Most people think the show draws Atlanta’s interior designers to attend as a continuing education, and that’s partially true—there’s always something new to learn or fabulous to see. But Locklear Interiors is often a year or two ahead of schedule by the time the design community at large unveils its newest design trends so we attend for other reasons.

We love to broaden our supplier base and strike relationships with the manufacturers whose products we use. Our custom designs require strong communications with our manufacturers to ensure the quality and detail you’ve come to expect from Locklear Interiors.

We also use it as an opportunity to execute shopping lists for our Atlanta based interior design clients. In light of modern technology, we can text or email a photo of a piece we are considering for instant buyer feedback. How’s that for personalized shopping!

We also love to work with our clients internationally, and there’s nothing quite like the feeling of meeting with designers and product representatives from 106 countries at the mart! It’s truly a catalog of the world’s most innovative designs, furnishings, and treatments assembled in one place.

Design Week offers a showcase of everything you can imagine that’s related to designing interiors, from exotic fabrics and ergonomic furniture to resources for Eco Living. Going green no longer causes your face to go green with disgust from horrendous lighting, gaudily lined curtain panels, and stiff fabrics. Now eco-living experts have paired natural materials, energy-saving lighting, and insulating window treatments with elegant design so you can adapt those elements to your home without sacrificing the design of your space.

What’s important to you in design? Looks, comfort, going green? Call us at 770-992-0318.

Meet Some of Our Atlanta Interior Designers Virtually!

Tuesday, March 1st, 2011

Do you know I’ve been in the design business my whole life? I grew up in a family of designers and many principles of design and building come quite naturally to me. While fashions change over the years, the constant basics of what makes good design work remains constant. The same is true for our communication. While our message has not changed much, the way we reach our customers has. Word of mouth has always been a big player in the success of our interior design business, but with the advent of social media and today’s generation’s ability to access everything with the touch of a button, we find ourselves eager to share through blogs, videos, newsletters, and social networks.

We realize how easy it looks to execute design, an idea largely perpetuated by design shows that take a room from blah to ahh! in just under one hour. The reality is that uncovering a homeowner’s lifestyle, tastes, and desires and executing that in a functional and aesthetically pleasing, timeless design is a process.

In order to help you get started with that process, we hope to utilize online forums to provide you with tips and tricks that you’ll find useful, introduce you to members of our design team so you can find the right match for your project, and invite your questions so you can make confident, informed decisions when it comes to stylistically or functionally changing your surroundings.

We’ve just completed a video shoot and I’m excited to share it with you. In our first videos, I’ll introduce you to Valerie Smith, who has an extensive background in construction and design, Akesha Patterson, whose passion for modern design is translated in all she does, and Juanita Hulsey, a senior designer and operations manager who has been an instrumental part of Locklear Interiors for over a decade.

I invite you to get to know these and our other outstanding designers at our YouTube Channel, peruse our website, and get in touch with us to ask questions. Please stay tuned for more upcoming video introductions. We’re confident we’ll pair you with the designer who can really bring your style to life!

Locklear Interiors YouTube Channel

Sunday, February 27th, 2011

Visit Locklear Interiors YouTube Channel to discover awarding winning Atlanta interior design from Gail Locklear.

Symmetry Lends to Great Interior Design

Friday, February 25th, 2011

Symmetry: An imprecise sense of harmonious or aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance.

“Balance” and “Harmony” are buzzwords we often use to describe aspirations for our personal lives, but did you know they are also key words used in decorating and design?

Exceptional designs hinge on more than just beautiful colors, furnishings, and accessories. An experienced designer can help you create symmetry that works to aesthetically balance your room and cohesively tie your theme together for a visually pleasing effect.

Atlanta Interior DesignNotice how we arrange the furnishings in this room to create a symmetrical appearance, and we place various accessories to add visual interest. The room has balance, proportion and a comfortable sense of quiet formality that make it feel open and appealing.

Achieving balance and symmetry does not mean you have to buy two of everything. Note how the pieces of art on the bookcases differ in shape and color but are approximately the same size and lend to a cohesive look due to their equal placement. There is no need to match everything perfectly as long as you abide by the rules of scale, color, and proportion.

What effect does symmetry have on a room? It imparts a sense of cleanliness, equilibrium, and formality. Which rooms in your home would benefit from the basic principles of symmetrical design? We’d love to hear from you!

Locklear Interiors is an Atlanta interior design firm with several locations in the Southeastern United States and serves homeowners around the world.  Contact Gail Locklear at 770-992-0318.